2018 Trends and Predictions in the Games industry

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Artificial Intelligence

AI has a tremendous potential for use in a wide variety of tech, because it consists of learning capacities that enable personal adjusting depending on the user’s needs. Over the years AI has become an essential part of gaming. Assembling everything together, it is by now more than clear that AI and gaming are rapidly becoming united, and the prediction is that in 2018 they will be inseparable. While AI has always operated at the cutting edge of tech to make better games, the future brings a feature where game theory will also contribute for better AI practice. A glimpse of the future comes from Michigan State University, where researchers have deployed AI into a game specifically to learn from each player’s behavior.

Edge of computing

The other trend that will become a major name in 2018 is edge computing. This is a rather simple concept, referring to the inputting of internet of things capabilities into a product itself. It is believed that Edge computing will vastly improve the performance of digital games. By now games are usually available within an app store, where a user can download the game to a device, maybe make some in-app purchases, and play locally on the device itself. Edge servers will provide reduced latency, which will enable games to be streamed on demand to any device. This will eliminate the need to download or purchase an app, and the app itself will not be limited only to mobile device’s storage or performance, but mainly its connection to the network.

VR will revolutionize PC Gaming

This past year many game developers implemented Virtual Reality (VR) technology into their games. They have been pushing their gaming limits with new integrated advanced graphics and better quality monitor. In 2018 the PC gaming ecosystem will keep developing and it will become more innovative, accessible and adaptable as a result of the growth of technology like VR and the ability to share digital content freely. However, VR is limited by its hardware wherein the content mainly relies on the capabilities of the device that is being used and how promptly it can continue producing content. While VR is still on the rise, many gamers are considering AR over VR, because of its advantages.

AR is The Future

On the other hand, Augmented Reality (AR) has no bound of limitations and it enables a usage by anyone with a smart device. It has a low investment cost, which makes it more easily accessible than VR.

The gaming companies have already shown an increased focus towards AR, and these rapid changes are expected to offer new opportunities for developers, publishers as well as technology partners. The prediction is that in 2018 AR is going to establish itself with the online gaming industry, and it is expected to evolve much more with the rise of the gaming market in the years to come.

The Rise of Multiplayer Online Games (MMO)

Multiplayer online games are not a new trend, however they are an area in which developers are very eager to work. In recent years, developers have focused on winning over fans by creating entire game worlds, all featuring real people who can interact with each other. In 2018 new mobile games will evolve to becoming coexistent multiplayer games as everyone is connected to the internet at most times. Some games will also have offshoots in VR driving unparalleled exploration of gaming environments, which will bring higher monetization and engagement in the long run.


eSports is an industry filled with commercial opportunity because there are a variety of revenue streams that companies can tap into. Virtual and augmented reality firms also stand to benefit from eSports. Game publishers approach their Esport ecosystems in different ways. As eSports becomes increasingly recognized it is likely to continue affecting how games are designed and played. The audience is high-value and global, and its numbers are rising. For those to want to enter tournaments, playing MOBAs has become like training for any other sport, and for the people who enjoy watching and reading about eSports, it has an influence on the games they choose to buy and play.

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